Top Youtube Video Today

Good Morning!! Well I got up enough courage to make another YouTube video FINALLY! It looks like I haven’t made one in over a year!! My Shakeology Cleanse Results via YouTube!! Please subscribe because I will be posting more…
Ready to take your content marketing to the next level? Then video marketing is the answer. Best of all, videos are very search friendly if you optimize them the right way. In this post, we’re going to look at the ways you can optimize your videos on the top networks, YouTube and Vimeo, for increased…
How To Get Youtube Videos On Your Ipod By: W. Davies Break Studios Contributing Writer Learning how to get YouTube videos on your iPod involves several steps, but can be well worth the process. YouTube only works on the iPod if WiFi is involved. If your iPod is not in the necessary range to watch videos on the Internet, then you wont be able to…
You’ve seen the awesome statistics that accompany each video on YouTube. Some folks can post a video in one day and see millions of views within a week. Others get only a handful to tune in. How and why does this happen? And what can small businesses, fledgling producers and all-around hams do to increase […

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